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A collection of apps that allows you to leverage technology to protect and manage your family

Easy setup

Simple and easy to use regardless of device or experience.


Equip yourself to parent your kids digital lives.

Stay Connected

Bring the most important people closer together – your family.


The 4Parents family of apps ranges from free to $5.99/month, with the option to purchase only what you need.


Reduce or end texting and driving

Provide a safe internet experience

Locate your child’s phone from your own device or web portal

Monitor text, call, and web activities

Enable your child to send an emergency alert by clicking a button or making a special gesture

Create a common family calendar to share with entire family or individual members

Share location information seamlessly between devices

Appropriate for all families, all ages

Timer features can lock device after specified amount of time

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4Parents is in the business of helping parents. Although many of you will dive right in and set everything up on your own, we are here for backup support! Please don’t hesitate to email us with any questions or comments at support@appbundles.info.

What is 4Parents? 4Parents is an app designed specifically for parents that provides solutions to help manage their kids’ mobile devices. The 4Parents app addresses key issues parents continually face while ensuring the safety and protection of their kids while using their devices and their access to Internet.

Why 4Parents? Parents today are facing a new set of issues around safety and protection when it comes to their kids’ digital accessibility. We are the first generation of parents extending this connectivity to our kids, and we need tools to help manage their digital life. Three key reasons: 1. We have done the research and testing for you and identified the best solutions available. We are your trusted advisor. 2. We provide multiple solutions to address key issues rather than one specific problem or challenge. 3. We have created value-added bundles for you at a discounted price rather than buying them individually.

What solutions does 4Parents provide?
• Provide safe internet browsing
• Reduce/end texting and driving
• Track and locate kids’ devices
• Manage screen time limits
• View all app on kid’s devices
• Monitor text and browsing activity
• Block in app purchases
• Block multi person gaming
• Block YouTube or other age restricted content
• Emergency alert button

Does 4Parents work on Apple and Android? Yes. Unlike many apps available today, 4Parents works with both Apple and Android. This means your family can have both types of devices and they will work together! Plus, the parent can monitor & manage both device types from their online dashboard.

Is it complicated to use? No. It is very simple. It works like most other apps with just a click or two. Initial setup requires a bit more time. All information is easily accessed from your handheld device or your desktop computer, anytime or anywhere.

Do I need to be technically savvy to use these apps? There are many available and more being developed all the time that address one issue or another individually, but nothing as comprehensive as 4Parents. We have researched and tested many apps and determined what are the very best to address parents concerns.

If I have an issue or need some help, where would I go? Please contact us at anytime via email at support@appbundles.infoor call us at 1.888.496.5115.

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“4Parents, corporate level technology, communication and security for your family!”

- Jackson Smith

“Really loving the new app I installed on our phones to prevent us from texting and driving. Super easy to start using!”

- Michelle Schrier

“We love the SquareHub app! We are communicating better than ever before as a family with hectic schedules, and having fun with the app”

- Melanie Kaiser

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