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A collection of apps that allows you to leverage technology to protect and manage your family

Easy setup

Simple and easy to use regardless of device or experience.


Equip yourself to parent your kids digital lives.

Stay Connected

Bring the most important people closer together – your family.


The 4Parents family of apps ranges from free to $5.99/month, with the option to purchase only what you need.


Reduce or end texting and driving

Provide a safe internet experience

Locate your child’s phone from your own device or web portal

Monitor text, call, and web activities

Enable your child to send an emergency alert by clicking a button or making a special gesture

Create a common family calendar to share with entire family or individual members

Share location information seamlessly between devices

Appropriate for all families, all ages

Timer features can lock device after specified amount of time

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4Parents is in the business of helping parents. Although many of you will dive right in and set everything up on your own, we are here for backup support! Please don’t hesitate to email us with any questions or comments at support@appbundles.info.

Are these apps difficult to set up? No, you can get the apps today and get started immediately. We feel it is important to let our users know that we are here if needed, though.

How do I manage subscriptions or cancel? You manage your purchases and subscriptions within the 4Parents app on Android, you can cancel at anytime. For Apple, you manage your apps within the individual app after downloading your the dashboard link emailed to you with initial sign up. Feel free to email with questions!

Do the apps require GPS? Some features in Parental Board and SquareHub do require GPS. LifeSaver requires GPS for the driver's phone.

How much are the apps? Some of our apps are free or have free trials. Depends primarily on whether the apps are for Android or for Apple devices. For Android devices, the apps are sold in bundles, which result in a discount. For Apple, the apps are purchased a la carte.

Do the apps work on Android, Apple, and Windows? All of our apps are compatible with Android and iOS/Apple. Also, they work “cross platform” meaning your family can have both Android and Apple devices and they will all still work together! We do not support the Microsoft Windows mobile platform.

Click here for an expanded section of FAQ for the LifeSaver app.

Do I need to be technically savvy to use these apps? No, we can walk you through how to set up the apps in our weekly webinar.

If my phones or devices are older, will these apps work? Likely yes. For Android devices, you need to be on Android version 3.0 or newer. 3.0 was released in February 2011. For Apple, our apps require iOS 8.1 or newer, which was released in September 2014. Most iOS handsets that are older have likely upgraded to 8.1.

How many users come with my purchase? It is different for each app:
  • SPIN Safe Browser: Android/Apple: Unlimited users
  • SquareHub: Android/Apple: Unlimited users
  • ooVoo: Unlimited Android and Apple users, 12 per video call limit
  • Parental Board:
    • • Android includes 2 child devices and 2 parent devices
      • Apple includes 2 parent devices and our current child device program for Apple is in BETA and is free as well.
  • LifeSaver:
    • • Android bundles through 4Parents includes up to 3 devices.
      • Android through the Google Play app store, various promotions

    Apple through the 4Parents website or iTunes/App store, various promotions, detailed pricing is available available here.


    Read what parents are saying about us.

    “4Parents, corporate level technology, communication and security for your family!”

    - Jackson Smith

    “Really loving the new app I installed on our phones to prevent us from texting and driving. Super easy to start using!”

    - Michelle Schrier

    “We love the SquareHub app! We are communicating better than ever before as a family with hectic schedules, and having fun with the app”

    - Melanie Kaiser

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